A shopping trip to enjoy the history, culture and shopping

Visit the history and culture of Saga by crossing the prefecture from west to east.
Saga not only has popular tourist sites like Karatsu Castle and Mifuneyama Rakuen, but has various attractive shopping facilities. Visitors can have an enjoyable shopping experience at duty-free shops in the prefecture such as the Tosu Premium Outlet.

A shopping trip to enjoy the history, culture and shopping

Complete Process :Two nights 3 days
Saga Airportpic
Travel Time:About 90 min

CarCar:About 90 min

Marine Centre Osakana Murapic
Travel Time:About 10 min

CarCar:About 10 min

Travel Time:About 15 min

CarCar:About 15 min

Hikiyama Exhibition Hallpic
Travel Time:About 13 min

CarCar:About 13 min

Karatsu Castlepic
Travel Time:About 20 min

CarCar:About 20 min

Aeon Karatsu Shopping Centrepic
Travel Time:About 57 min

CarCar:About 57 min

inn Takeo Spapic
Travel Time:About 8 min

CarCar:About 8 min

Mifuneyama Rakuenpic
Travel Time:About 37 min

CarCar:About 37 min

China on the Parkpic
Travel Time:About 70 min

CarCar:About 70 min

Tosu Premium Outletpic
Travel Time:About 52 min

CarCar:About 52 min

inn Furuyu Kumanogawa Onsenkyo in Saga Citypic
Travel Time:About 36 min

CarCar:About 36 min

The Saga City Cultural Museumpic
Travel Time:About 30 min

CarCar:About 30 min

Saga Airport

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Introduction to Spots
Saga Airport
Duty-free shops are located inside Ariake Saga Airport’s International Terminal. Passengers departing on an International flight will be able to shop after your pre-departure inspection has been completed. You can purchase gifts ranging from cigarettes to alcohol, cosmetic products, watches, white goods and confectionaries. You may board the plane with anything you buy.
•Holidays: Thursday
•Opening Times: During the operation hours of the International Terminal
•Location: 9476-187 Kawasoemachi Inuido, Saga-shi, Saga
•TEL: 0952-46-2004
Marine Centre Osakana Mura
At the Marine Centre Osakana Mura, visitors can purchase fresh fish from the waters of Karatsu, and dried fish and squid shumai (steamed meat dumpling) prepared in the factory of the centre. You can also purchase other marine products and local specialties in the shop.
In the restaurant Tairyo-tei on the second floor, visitors can savour the delicious fresh seafood of the Genkai Sea.
•Holidays: January 1st
•Opening Times: 8:00~19:00
•Location: 1922 Hamazaki, Hamatama-cho, Karatsu-shi, Saga
•TEL: 0955-56-2200
Mount Kagami, with its height of 284 meters above sea level, is a symbol of Karatsu city alongside Nijno Matsubara. Various poets are said to have visited there and wrote poems praising its beauty since the Nara period, and it is famous as a spot for taking in spectacular views of Nijno Matsubara.
Location: Kagami Aza Ohira, Karatsu-shi, Saga
Hikiyama Exhibition Hall
The Karatsu Kunchi Festival is an annual autumn festival of the Karatsu Shrine. The festival features magnificent 14 floats called hikiyama, which are exhibited in this exhibition hall.
•Holidays: November 3rd, 4th (Due to the Karachi Kunchi Festival), the first Tuesday and its following day of December, December 29th ~ December 31st
•Opening Times: 9:00 ~ 17:00
•Location: 33-6 Nishi-Jounai, Karatsu-shi, Saga
•TEL: 0955-73-4361, Adult (15 and above) JPY 300, Children (4 ~ 14 Years Old) JPY 150,
Karatsu Castle
The castle was built by Hirotaka Terasawa, the first lord of the Karatsu Domain in 1608. The current Castle Tower was built in 1966, and the Nijino Matsubara, Karatsu bay and the Karatsu city can be viewed from the top. It is famous for the cherry blossoms and wisteria in spring.
•Holidays: December 29th ~ December 31st
•Opening Times: 9:00 ~ 17:00
•Location: 8-1 Higashi-Jounai, Karatsu-shi, Saga
•TEL: 0955-72-5697
•Admission Charge to the Castle Tower: Adult JPY 410, Elementary pupils and Junior High School Students JPY 200, Group discount for over 20 people (20% off)
Aeon Karatsu Shopping Centre
Aeon Karatsu Shopping Centre is a shopping centre in Karatsu. Tax-free purchasing is also available at this centre.
•Holidays: Open all year round
•Opening Times: Food halls 8:00 ~ 22:00, Other areas 9:00 ~ 22:00
Specialty shops 9:00 ~ 21:00
•Location: 4671 Tategami, Kagami Aza, Karatsu-shi, Saga
TEL: 0955-70-6200
Takeo Spa
Takeo Spa featuring transparent and soft hot water and having long history is described in Echizen Fudoki, records of the culture and geography of Echizen, written 1,300 years ago. According to legend in ancient times, Empress Consort Jingū had this hot spring bath. Romon, a two-storied vermilion lacquered gate built at the entrance of the hot spring, was designed by Kingo Tatsuno who also designed Tokyo Station.
Mifuneyama Rakuen
Mifuneyama Rakuen was constructed by the 28th Takeo lord Nabeshima Shigeyoshi as part of his holiday home. The stroll garden is said to have taken about 3 years to build. In spring the park is reminiscent of a Shan shui painting, with 5000 cherry blossom trees and 50,000 azaleas all blooming against a backdrop of the rugged cliff of Mt. Mifune.
• Holidays: Open all year round
• Opening Times: 8:00~17:00
• Location: 4100 Takeo, Takeo-cho, Takeo-shi, Saga
• TEL: 0954-23-3131
• Entrance Fee: Adult JPY 600, Elementary Pupils and younger JPY 300
• Website :
China on the Park
The China on the Park is a park opened on the factory premises of the Fukagawa Seiji, a pottery factory that delivering porcelain wares to the Imperial family and branches of the Imperial family. The collection of the founder, Chuji Fukagawa, which has never been taken out of the premises is something that is definitely worth visiting for.
Visitors can enjoy everything to do with pottery wares ranging from shopping for bargains at the outlet shop, learning how to paint porcelain, and learn how to use pottery wares at the restaurants and the tea rooms.
•Holidays: End of the year and the New Year 12/30 ~ 1/1
•Opening Times: 9:00~17:30
•Location: 111 Haraake-Otsu, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga
•TEL: 0955-46-3900
•Entrance Fee: Free
•Rates: JPY 1,080 ~ 1,620 (Over glaze painting)
Tosu Premium Outlet
Modeled after a town in southern California where fresh air and bright sunshine are the order of the day, the outlet store is the biggest of its kind in Kyushu housing about 150 store outlets, which includes many famous foreign and Japanese brands. Visitors can enjoy outlet shopping in the Spanish colonial style building.
•Holidays: 3rd Thursday in February
•Opening Times: 10:00~20:00
•Location: 8-1 Yayoigaoka, Tosu-shi, Saga
•TEL: 0942-87-7370
Furuyu Kumanogawa Onsenkyo in Saga City
Furuyu Kumanogawa Onsenkyo, a hot spring resort, is characterized by a tepid bath at about 38℃ and a pleasant feel because of silky smooth water. According to legend, the hot spring village with a long history was discovered by Jofuku through divine revelation. The scenic hot spring resort has made a big appeal to not only people staying for medical purpose but a lot of artists. The attached picture shows the spa.
The Saga City Cultural Museum
The Saga City Cultural Museum is the generic name for the 5 Saga Historic Folk Museums. You will be able to see western and modern Japanese buildings from the Taisho is increasingly becoming popular in recent years as a location to take photographs. In the former Fukuda Residence is a place where visitors can learn about Saga Nishiki, with demonstrations and hands-on sessions of how Saga Nishiki is made
•Holidays: Every Monday (If Monday falls on a National Holiday then the following Tuesday), 12/29 ~ 1/3
•Opening Times: 9:00~17:00
•Location: 9-2 Yanagi-cho, Saga-shi, Saga
•TEL: 0952-40-7110
•Rates: Free