A recommended course with high quality amenity. You can enjoy visiting popular historical tourist spots with rich culture in Shiga prefecture.

This is a course for visiting popular and distinctive tourist sports in Shiga prefecture. You can enjoy cruising to moat side in Omihachiman by a boat imbued with Japanese atmosphere, visiting Shigaraki famous for charming potteries of raccoon dog, Hikone castle which is a national treasure and its castle town, Nagahama, the foremost tourist attraction in the prefecture, and shopping artifacts and local products obtainable only here. Here is an introduction of a course, composed of “Fun of Eating” such as dishes of fish from Biwako, the largest lake in Japan, Omi Beef which is one of the best three beef in Japan, and green tea with Japanese sweets served in a Japanese garden, and “Fun of Creation” such as experiences of authentic pottery and glass work in a glass atelier.

A recommended course with high quality amenity. You can enjoy visiting popular historical tourist spots with rich culture in Shiga prefecture.

Complete Process :Two days and one night
Travel Time:About 10 min

CarCar:About 10 min

“Morishima” Omi beefpic
Travel Time:About 15 min

CarCar:About 15 min

Travel Time:About 60 min

TrainTrain:About 35 min

BusBus:About 5 min

Travel Time:About 123 min

TrainTrain:About 113 min

WalkWalk:About 10 min

inn Hotels near Hikone Station
Travel Time:About 10 min

WalkWalk:About 10 min

Hikone Castlepic
Yume-kyobashi Castle Roadpic
Travel Time:About 25 min

TrainTrain:About 15 min

WalkWalk:About 10 min

Nagahama Kurokabe Squarepic

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Introduction to Spots
“Moat-side Tour” for cruising along Hachiman-bori (moat) by a boat imbued with Japanese atmosphere is very popular. You can enjoy a meal on the boat while seeing peaceful views (reservation required).
・Webside of Omihachiman Tourist Association:
“Morishima” Omi beef
Oumiushi (Oumi beef), one of the best three brands of Japanese beef, provides marbled meat. When putting it in your mouth, you can enjoy mild taste and a mellow flavor of this soft meat. Special flavor and softness are distinctive features of Oumiushi. Due to this unforgettable taste, many foreign tourists love Oumiushi.
"Oumiushi" Production and Distribution Promotion Committee
Hachimanbori (moat) was used as an aorta of the district of Oumihachiman and brought about the prosperity of a castle town in the Azuchi-Momoyama era, governed by Hidetsugu Toyotomi who lived in the Hachimanyama Castle. Now, Hachimanbori is lined with stone warehouses with white walls and historical house buildings, and provides you an atmosphere of gallant days of the Azuchi-Momoyama era. Recently, this area has been re-developed as a tourist destination by restoring anchorages, tec.
Shigaraki-cho is a town of Shigaraki ware which is one of six ancient kilns in Japan. You can enjoy shopping of not only charming ornaments of “raccoon dog” but also other potteries ranging from high quality plate ware to sundries. You can experience ceramic art to make your only one plate, which will be a good souvenir of the tour.
・Website of Shigaraki-cho Tourist Association:
・Website of Shiga prefectural Togei-no Mori:
Hikone Castle
This castle is one of existing five castles of national treasure. At the bottom of the castle, there are Daimyo's (feudal lord's) suburban residences. It is located in a scenic area with cherry blossoms in spring, the fresh green in summer, colored leaves in autumn and snow scene in winter. Not only the castle tower having three-story curb roof, but also Daimyo's garden "Genkyuen"is enjoyable to visitors.
・Website of Hikone Castle:
・Holidays: Always open
・Opening Times: 8:30 to 17:00
Yume-kyobashi Castle Road
"Yume Kyobashi Castle Road"is a reconstructed area to provide visitors an atmosphere of the Edo era. All buildings having gabled roof look like Machiya (tradesman's house). They are used as restaurants and souvenir shops with smoked tile roof, white walls, lattice doors, etc. generating an atmosphere of Edo era.
Nagahama Kurokabe Square
Nagahama is the most popular tourist destination in the prefecture. You can fully enjoy “Watching, Playing, Shopping and Eating”. As “glass” is the theme of this city, beautiful glass ware from countries all over the world are exhibited and sold in the city. There exists a glass workshop where you can experience glass working.
・Kitabiwako Tourism Association HP(English)
・Website of Kurokabe Square: