Time-traveling by a scenic train starting from “Amanohashidate”, a spot of legend and one of the three great views in Japan, to Maizuru, a nostalgic district.

As Maizuru is a fishing port of the largest haut in Kyoto, you will be satisfied with fresh fish of Maizuru in the Michi-no-eki (Roadside Station) “Maizuru Port Toretore Center” and also can enjoy a nostalgic atmosphere of many red brick buildings in connection with the former Japanese Navy.
The train has been designed with a theme of "pine trees" which symbolize beautiful landscape of Japan Sea with white sand and green pine trees. The famous sightseeing spot of this area is Amanohashidate. People can enjoy the landscape through windows of the train equipped with several types of seat as like sofa and a counter style seat.

Time-traveling by a scenic train starting from “Amanohashidate”, a spot of legend and one of the three great views in Japan, to Maizuru, a nostalgic district.

Complete Process :One night and two days
Kyoto Station
Travel Time:About 120 min

TrainTrain:About 120 min

Amanohashidate Station
(日本語) 観光列車pic
(Amanohashidate Area) In front of Amanohashidate Stationpic
Amanohashidate View Landpic
Amanohasidate sightseeing shippic
Travel Time:About 7 min

WalkWalk:About 7 min

Kasamatu Koen (Park)pic



Amanohashidate Station
Travel Time:About 48 min

TrainTrain:About 48 min

Nishi-maizuru Station


(Maizuru Area) Maizuru Port Toretore Centerpic
Around Yashima Shotenn-gai (Yashima Shopping Arcade)pic
Sightseeing ship cruising the port in connection with the former Japanese Navypic
Maizuru Akarenga (red brick) Parkpic
Higashi-maizuru Station
Travel Time:About 71 min

TrainTrain:About 71 min

Kyoto Station

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Introduction to Spots
(日本語) 観光列車
(日本語) 天橋立に代表される日本海の白砂青松を象徴する「松」をテーマにデザインされた列車です。ソファ席、カウンター席など、さまざまなタイプの座席があります。車窓からゆったりと景観を楽しめます。
(Amanohashidate Area) In front of Amanohashidate Station
There are many stores selling local liquors such as sake of Tango district or Amanohashidate wine and other specialties such as marine products in front of the station.
Amanohashidate View Land
A viewing platform on the top of Mt. Monju-yama provides a panoramic view of Amanohashidate from its southern side. The view from the platform is called “Hiryukan” (view of flying dragon) because Amanohashidate seems as a dragon flying in the sky. A Ferris wheel and cycle cars on the top of the mountain are popular among small children and elderly.
・Entrance Fee: Adult JPY850 (junior high school students or older), Children JPY450 (school children)
Amanohasidate sightseeing ship
Sightseeing ships and motor boats are coming and going between Miyazu, Monju and Fuchu as a very convenient sea lane for touring Amanohashidate. The sightseeing ships link both banks of Fuchu and Monju districts, which are connected with a row of pine trees, in only 12 minutes. You could pause to realize the length of Amanohashidate from your ship plying along it. It is also a thrilling experience to feed gulls coming near the ship.
Kasamatu Koen (Park)
The park locates on a hillside of Mt. Nariaisan and is a panoramic view platform of Amanohashidate from its northern side. The view from the platform is called “Hiryukan” because Amanohashidate seems as a dragon flying in the sky. The park is also famous as the place of origin of “Matanozoki” (a scenery viewed between two legs), because Amanohashidate seems as an upside-down scenery when one bends down to look it up between two legs.
・Fare of cable car or air lift: Adult (round-trip: JPY660, one-way: JPY330), Children (round-trip: JPY330, one-way: JPY170) *Service time interval or duration changes seasonally.
(Maizuru Area) Maizuru Port Toretore Center
There are flesh fish retailers dealing in marine products caught on that day, kamaboko (boiled fish paste) shops, sushi shops and the like in the Center, Michonoeki. Such marine products sold in these retailers are impromptu served by slicing into sasimi (raw fish) or grilling them.
・Opening Times: 9:00 - 18:00
・Holidays: Every Wednesday. When it is a national holiday on Wednesday, the Center will be opened. No holiday in December. The Center will sometimes be closed irregularly.
Around Yashima Shotenn-gai (Yashima Shopping Arcade)
This arcade is, so to speak, a kitchen of the former Japanese Navy. A bread roll filled with Nikujaga (meat and potato stew), originated in Maizuru, and Togo (marshal) Beer are sold, while there are many Izakaya (Japanese style pub) and bars where local flesh specialties are also served. You can enjoy night amusements similarly as the former Japanese Navy did.
Sightseeing ship cruising the port in connection with the former Japanese Navy
You can enjoy a view of escort vessels of the Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) and a naval dockyard in connection with the former Japanese Navy just in front of you from the sightseeing ship, while feeling pleasant sea breeze on your face. The view brings senses of the fullest impact and the greatest extent of space compared with other MSDF Bases in Japan.
・Cruising: Every Sunday, Saturday and national holidays from March 19 to November 27, and Golden Week holidays.
・Special shipping fare during Obon festival: Adult JPY1000, Children from 3 years old to school children: JPY500, Children below 2 years old: no charge *The embarkation fee is half a price by showing the city round loop ticket " Maizuru Kamaboko Bill ".

・Departure Time: 1) 11:00 2) 12:00 3) 13:00
*The time required to cruise is about 30 minutes.
・Guide Service: A member of Maizuru Suikokai (the OB association of MSDF) attends as a guide on cruising Nos.1) and 2). In case of Nos. 3), only a recorded guidance is provided.
Maizuru Akarenga (red brick) Park
There are many red brick buildings in the park, which were built during the Meiji to the Taisho period with establishment of the former Japanese Navy Base in 1901.
Eight buildings thereof are designated as the Important Cultural Properties by the national government. I these buildings, there are souvenir shops and tearooms where the Navy curry rice is available. A view of warm heart and nostalgic feeling is often used practically as a shooting place for movies and TV dramas.
・Opening Times: 9:00 - 17:00 (also available until 22:00 but charged)
・Holidays: December 29 to January 1 (Sometimes may be closed due to maintenance check of equipments and construction work).